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Hi! Welcome to my website.
I am an experienced Information Technologist with over ten years professional experience in the technology industry.

    My professional objectives include:
  • Use my experience, knowledge, and education to obtain a challenging and rewarding career with advancement opportunities.
  • Learn and advance my expertise in the technology industry by taking advantage of the right opportunities.
  • Join an organization that is focused on teamwork and technological advancements.
  • Obtain additional professional certifications to endorse my knowledge and experience.
  • Willing to relocate for the right opportunity.
Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments. I can be reached by email at HL@hectorleal.com. Thank you for your consideration.

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Professional Experience

Electrical SCADA Supervisor at Brownsville Public Utilities Board

6/2015 - Present

Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) is a municipally owned utility offering electric, water and wastewater services to its customers in the Brownsville area. The Electrical Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Team is an information technology team performing IT functions for a dedicated SCADA Systems infrastructure that includes dedicated Fiber Network, Cisco Network Devices, Windows and Linux Servers and various software applications. I was originally hired as Software Application Administrator for the IT Department and was promoted to this position after only 14 months.

  • Team Management – I lead the electric SCADA team that consists of a Network Administrator, a Systems Analyst, a Compliance Coordinator, and 3 Electric SCADA Technicians.
  • SCADA RTU Programming – I lead efforts in programming and troubleshooting SEL Automation Controllers (RTACs) using DNP and SEL protocols.
  • OSI SCADA Platform – I lead all efforts in the administration and support of the OSI SCADA Platform systems, to include substation one-line diagrams, RTU configuration, analog/control/status point configuration.
  • Technology Planning – I lead efforts to develop technology plans and budgets for existing maintenance renewals and the implementation of technologies for the Electric SCADA system.
  • System Analysis – I lead efforts to define new system requirements based on information gathered during system analysis of current processes. Using this information, I lead team efforts in creating documented plans containing the project goals, scope, requirements and development strategies, which may include application prototypes and database models.
  • Technical Writing – I lead efforts in developing strategic plans for new technologies implementations and project implementation plans for new software development projects. This includes writing security policies and procedures, as well as updating existing policies and procedures to meet new requirements.
  • Project Management – I lead and coordinate multiple projects consisting of team members from multiple departments. My goal as project manager is to keep the team focused on project scope and goals, and also encourage team collaboration towards task and project completion.
  • Database (SQL) – I work with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Databases and create queries for reports and software processes, as well as perform query optimization and testing. I also create database models and diagrams for new implementations.
  • System Architecture – I work with the network administration team to create new virtual servers for new software implementations. I also document system details for new and updated system hardware and help troubleshoot performance issues.
  • Software/Web Development (Coding) – I gained experience with HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, PHP, and JavaScript for development of web applications and sites. I also worked with VB and C++ within Visual Studio to develop desktop applications and system services.
  • Technical Training – I develop training material for new software solutions and existing applications. I also create technical guides for systems used in the I.T. Department.
  • Patch Release Management – I assisted in the implementation of new procedures for testing and releasing updates and patches.
  • Customer Service – I have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service.

Director of Cloud Services at DataLogic Software, Inc.

1/2007 – 6/2015

DataLogic Software, Inc. is a full service software company that created Vesta® Software for Texas Homecare Provider Agencies. Vesta® is a cloud based software and the most widely-used system in Texas Medicaid Community Care.

  • Project Management – I led many large team projects during this employment. I directed technology team that included software developers, database administrators, network administrators, solution testers, technical support specialists and consultants.
  • System Analysis – Worked with Software end users to define system requirements for new application implementations. The information gathered was used to create software patch implementation plans, including database models and screen prototypes. I also collaborated with outside consultants on projects that required technical specifications for project requirements.
  • Technical Writing – I wrote project plans which included system requirements, database designs, and screen prototypes. I also created security policies, network system diagrams, database model diagrams, and an extensive disaster recovery plan for the company.
  • Database (SQL) – I worked with Sybase Advantage Database Server and Oracle Database Server. I wrote new SQL for reports and software development processes. I also created new tables and normalized existing tables for better performance. I also tested queries for accuracy and optimized queries for performance.
  • System Architecture – I led multiple system architecture projects including the installation of new security and networking hardware which included transitions to new ISPs. I also led projects to develop and implement a hosting solution for the Vesta® software. This new system consisted of physical and virtual servers from which customers accessed the application via a secure Remote Desktop Connection. This eventually included over 40 virtual servers running on 12 hosts and included over 15 physical servers, some of which were hosted in separate Data Centers for redundancy.
  • Software Development (Coding) – I worked with Delphi and Visual Studio to develop software solutions. This included the development of new screens and functionality for Vesta®. I also performed bug fixes and developed stand-alone solutions for various server utilities.
  • Technical Training – I led the initial project to create a complete help manual for the Vesta® software and also created specialized training material for specific training sessions. I administered live training classes in computer lab setting teaching users with hands-on activities. I helped establish an on-line training process via webinars.
  • Virtualization – I led the project to implement VMWare to virtualize many servers, including applications servers, utility servers, backup servers, and database servers.
  • Patch Release Management - Review software/application failures and develop plans to implement corrective actions, then work with development team to implement and release solutions. I also helped create and implement testing strategies.
  • Customer Service – My first position at DataLogic was as a Technical Support Specialist, which allowed the opportunity to provide excellent customer support. Because of this, I was assigned to provide support to larger customers and provide advanced technical support.

Part-Time Web Developer at the University of Texas at Brownsville


The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is a part of the University of Texas System which consists of fourteen institutions.

  • Project Management – I created new websites for College of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions. I established weekly meetings to discuss and obtain material for website design and publication.
  • Web Design and Development – I created and maintained websites for Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions department using Microsoft SharePoint and writing pages in HTML and CSS.
  • User Experience Design – I designed web pages based on requirements obtained from the department staff. With these requirements, I created demo websites with Visual Studio using ASP.NET and submitted for approval, prior to publishing to university website.

Advertising Consultant at Valley Bargain Book


Valley Bargain Book is a weekly publication that is delivered to the doorsteps of homes in South Texas

  • Business to Business Sales – Sold advertising space in weekly publication to businesses in multiple cities throughout South Texas.
  • Ad Design and Development – Work with customers to develop advertising solutions, which included designing new advertisements and re-designing current advertisements.


Master of Education in Educational/Instructional Technology

Fall 2013- May 2016

University of Texas at Brownsville

  • Final GPA of 3.92
  • Also earned Graduate E-Learning Certificate

Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems


University of Texas at Brownsville

  • Final GPA 3.366
  • President's list Fall 2011, Spring 2011
  • Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems on May 2011
  • Associate of Arts in General Education on May 2010


Technical Skills

Adobe Captivate, Microsoft Visual Studio, Articulate Storyline, Microsoft Windows, Coding - VB/C++/Delphi, Networking,Database/SQL, Patch Release/Testing,Dreamweaver/PHP Coding, Remote Desktop Services, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Software Development Life Cycle, Illustrator/Photoshop, Source Control Solutions, Microsoft Office, System Analysis, Microsoft PowerPoint, Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Server, Technical Training, Microsoft Visio, and Training Course Development.

Professional Certifications and Awards

  • May 2016 - Graduate E-Learning Certificate
  • Feb 2016 - Microsoft Technology Associate - Database Fundamentals
  • Jun 2017 - Rising Star Award at Brownsville Public Utilities Board
  • Nov 2017 - Employee of the Month at Brownsville Public Utilities Board
  • In Progress - Project Management Professional Certification


OSI SCADA Platform

OSI SCADA Platform Implementation

The goal of this project was to replace an outdated SCADA system with a new system. After the bidding and selection process, it was decided to implement the OSI SCADA Platform on Microsoft Windows Servers and Workstations at a total cost of over 2 million dollars. I led all technical efforts for this implementation of two redundant systems at a primary data center and a backup system at a secondary data center connected by two separate logical network systems. In addition, I led efforts to collaborate with the consulting agency, vendors and other departments required in the installation, testing and commissioning of the new system. I also scheduled all major tasks and events including system factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing and system cutover. This project was completed successfully.

SEL Real-Time Automation Controller

Substation RTU Upgrade

I served as technical lead for the installation, testing and commissioning of replacement SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). I led efforts in collaborating with vendors and other departments to install, test and commission substation equipment. Each installation has been successfully commissioned on schedule with minimal downtime.

Each substation installation includes SEL Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTACs), SEL-2240 Axions with modules, SEL-3610 Port Servers, SEL-2730M Managed Ethernet Switches, and LCD Touchscreens (used to display local HMI one-line diagram) with keyboard and mouse. RTUs are programmed using both DNP and SEL protocols to establish communication with substation relays and the SCADA master for all analog, status and control points.

North American Electric Reliability Corporation

NERC Compliance Certification

I authored the new North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Compliance policies to reflect the new OSI SCADA Platform system. In addition, I served as technical lead in efforts to implement new compliance software solutions and re-configure existing compliance software solutions, which were required to secure the new SCADA system and meet the NERC CIP requirements. These solutions include RSA appliance/tokens for two-factor authentication, Tripwire Enterprise Center, Tripwire Log Center, PRTG Network Monitor, Microsoft WSUS, Solarwinds Patch Manager, and others. As part of the official certification, Texas Reliability Entity (TRE) performed an onsite certification of the system and tools, for which I served as the primary Subject Matter Expert (SME). As the SME, I responded to the onsite interview questions for all technical CIP related questions. The outcome of the certification process was successful and the new OSI SCADA system was approved for implementation.

Software Hosting Solution

Software Hosting Solution

The goal of this project was to quickly develop a hosting solution that would allow a client/server software application to be hosted online securely and with minimal impact to performance. Multiple solutions were evaluated and decision was made to develop an in-house cloud service using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. This project was completed successfully and provided customers secure access to the hosted software application.

Ethernet Multiplexer Communication Equipment

Ethernet Multiplexer Implementation

I served as technical project lead for implementation of new replacement wide-area-networking SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) ICON multiplexers over a dedicated fiber infrastructure. Collaborating with the vendor, this project was completed successfully and on schedule with minimal downtime of any systems.



Using skills I have learned throughout my work experience, I developed this website using primarily HTML and CSS. I also used the Bootstrap open-source front-end framework for additional functionality and to adjust the user experience for smaller mobile devices.

Oracle Database Implementation

Oracle Database Implementation

The scope of this project included the implementation of an Oracle database for new software development component that would require large amounts of data. I led all technical efforts, including supervising Database Administrators, Network Administrators and Software Developers in this effort. This project was successfully completed and increased performance of large data sets.

Version Control

Version Control

For this project, I implemented the use of Microsoft Team Foundation Server to increase collaboration among software developers, enforce version control, and build code repositories. The first step was to obtain approval for purchase and implementation of this new solution. Once approved, I developed new processes for version control for software development projects written in various coding languages.

Windows Server Update Services

Windows Server Update Services

In an effort to implement an efficient and secure method for deploying Windows Updates, I installed and configured the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Role on a Windows Server. For this project, I configuration the types of patches that would be auto-approved by the WSUS Server and for additional management and reporting capabilities, I also installed and configured SolarWinds Patch Manager Software.

Group Policy

Group Policy

During the implementation of a new hosting solution, it was important to secure the access levels of our customers to our servers. The goal was to allow customers to access only the company software thru Remote Desktop Services. For this purpose, we configured group policy to enforce rules that limited user capabilities and enforced specific rules for user interface. This included the removal of specific drive letters, removal of the task bar and start menu. I also forced the startup of the company software at login and forced connection to be terminated when company software was closed.

Windows Active Directory

Windows Active Directory

During the implementation of a new hosting solution, it was important to manage user access controls to only the specific company they worked for. For this purpose, we used Windows Active Directory to create Organizational Units (OU) and Groups. The OUs were used to group all users to specific company and groups were used to administer different group policy rules within the company. We also implemented log-on scripts that linked specific shared folders based on OU name, simplifying the administration of this process.

Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server

As an integral part of many projects I have installed many versions of Microsoft Server including Server 2008, 2012, and 2016. I also have experience with installing roles including Active Directory, DNS Server, File Services, Hyper-V, Remote Desktop Services, and Windows Server Update Service. I have also worked with Windows Server Features including .NET Framework, BitLocker Encryption, Group Policy Management, SMTP Server, and SNMP Services.

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